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‘Ewan Innes is an extremely dedicated and talented therapist who I have no hesitation in referring to.’

Celebrity Life Coach Ali Campbell

About Me

Ewan InnesIf you are sick of a fear or a phobia and fed up with your weight or your low confidence then book an appointment with Ewan Innes. Ewan is a fully accredited psychotherapist and fully accredited NLP Practitioner trained by the leading NLP trainers in Scotland.

Fears and phobias can be debilitating at any level, whether it is a fear of flying, snakes, spiders, dentists or even a fear of death itself; Ewan is always happy to quickly eradicate them, permanently.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Basically it is a set of methods that can quickly and permanently re-program your subconscious to cure a fear or phobia, be more efficient at losing weight and boost your confidence. After one to three sessions you will see instant results.

Ewan is extremely effective at the quick cure of fears and phobias, weight loss, social confidence anxiety and smoking cessation. He holds a Masters degree in the talking therapies which ideally places him in an excellent position to help and understand most issues and problems. With over a decade of experience he enjoys practicing NLP as he is determined to help people with their debilitating issues. He enjoys trouble shooting for the key issues that are affecting people with an unfailing drive that pushes him to help others in the quickest and most permanent way.

Ewan is aware that NLP is not known to everyone but it is still an effective yet blossoming therapy. NLP can help a little or it can help a lot depending on an individual's personal motivation and need for change. He enjoys the feeling of completion every time that a phobia or fear is cured and someone is able to enjoy their flight to a holiday destination, every time that someone gives up on cigarettes after a session of smoking cessation and every time someone is cured of their debilitating social confidence anxiety and actually looks forward to their next office presentation. It is always rewarding to help someone with their weight loss plan and witness a real and positive physical change.

To frame his practice Ewan is considered as warm and approachable and will always do his utmost to make his clients feel comfortable. He practices in a more human way without stuffiness and at all times completely professional. He prides himself in breaking down client, practitioner barriers and prefers to work on an equal level. He endeavour's to make all of his sessions as fluent and enjoyable as possible while achieving lasting results. You can say goodbye to your phobia and walk out feeling amazing.

On his time off from curing fears and phobias Ewan supports the Yorkhill Childrens Foundation by dressing up as a teddy bear and the rest of the time he is running, swimming and reading his new Kindle.