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‘Ewan Innes is an extremely dedicated and talented therapist who I have no hesitation in referring to.’

Celebrity Life Coach Ali Campbell

Mundane Responses

When we are in a relationship one of the biggest habits we get into is making our responses, to our loved ones, sound mundane. If our responses are bland then our attitude seems bland and therefore our relationship is bland.

Let me demonstrate -

  • See you tonight, okay
  • Could you help with this for a moment, yes
  • Do you mind doing this, no
  • How was your day, fine

These responses are the same as you would give to anyone in your life they also limit conversation and sound like you just can't be bothered. Pay attention to your partner and give them a response you care about; to let them know you care about them.

Yorkhill Childrens Foundation

2013 and the lovely ladies, at Yorkhill Childrens Foundation, have contacted me to, once more, put on a fluffy bear suit and dance around as the marketing guru that I am. I love this charity and the amazing work that they do for kids that can suffer terribly. I don't get to wear a cape in life and have super powers. I do get to have my picture taken a million times and make children and adults life at my antics while promoting an amazing charity. Sometimes I think that this is the bears super powers. So I am pretty lucky.

Yorkhill Childrens FoundationIf you would like to donate to Yorkhill Childrens Foundation follow this link -

My big 40

So, another year has passed last year I hit the big 40 in November. I thought I would trick the ageing process by being in Europe when my birthday hit. I remember other birthdays that had reminded me of my mortality and I dreaded this one. I knew if I was to see any balloons shaped into a big 40, then I would crack up.

Strangely enough, time moves at normal speed as I travelled across Europe by rail, stopping in whatever country I chose. On my birthday I sat alone in a restaraunt in Budapest with a ten piece gypsy band playing for me. I had lovely messages on my phone, wine in my tummy, good Hungarian food in front of me and I was in the process of visiting ten amazing countries. I didn't escape 40 but it certainly sweetened the blow.

NLP Course

I recently assisted at an NLP course. I know a fair few techniques but discovered a new one to add to my arsenal. The technique blew me away as it played to one of my strengths as a hypnotist, the ability to conjure vivid images. The technique was called "The compulsion Blowout" this technique allows me to assist people with weight loss by putting them off their sin food. The food that always drags them from their diet. This can be butter, crisps, kit kats. This was the missing piece in my weight loss crusade. It is amazing that when people try to eat their calorie bomb, sin food they won't do it if their mind thinks it is a dirty nappy. The mind is a funny thing!