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‘Ewan Innes is an extremely dedicated and talented therapist who I have no hesitation in referring to.’

Celebrity Life Coach Ali Campbell

My big 40

So, another year has passed last year I hit the big 40 in November. I thought I would trick the ageing process by being in Europe when my birthday hit. I remember other birthdays that had reminded me of my mortality and I dreaded this one. I knew if I was to see any balloons shaped into a big 40, then I would crack up.

Strangely enough, time moves at normal speed as I travelled across Europe by rail, stopping in whatever country I chose. On my birthday I sat alone in a restaraunt in Budapest with a ten piece gypsy band playing for me. I had lovely messages on my phone, wine in my tummy, good Hungarian food in front of me and I was in the process of visiting ten amazing countries. I didn't escape 40 but it certainly sweetened the blow.