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‘Ewan Innes is an extremely dedicated and talented therapist who I have no hesitation in referring to.’

Celebrity Life Coach Ali Campbell

What I Do

Life Coaching

This is a great way of getting your life back on track when you don't seem to be getting where you want to go. Life coaching can help you when you are stuck in a rut or lost motivation or direction. Life coaching is very useful for:

Life guidance and recalibration:

Have you lost your direction in life, seem stuck in a rut or at a loose end. Then life coaching can re-ignite your path and help pull you out of a slump.

Career issues:

Are you un-satisfied in your current post or company. Not sure what you want out of a career and need to identify yourself in what you do. Then life coaching can help you choose and identify career paths and vocational enlightenment.

Work life balance:

Work too much? Have too much spare time. Re-address and re-calibrate your work life balance for a better combination that really suits your needs.


Do you find yourself in the wrong relationship? Do you get confused as to what you want from a partner? With life coaching you can discover who you are really looking for and what has held you back from getting them.

Self Image issues:

Sometimes it is difficult to recognise how we fit in to society on a visual level. How we feel about ourselves affects our choices and actions. With life coaching you can learn to like yourself again and find out what really matters about you.


Shyness and low confidence can severely diminish your options. When people believe they cannot achieve then the generally don't. Use life coaching to awaken your actual abilities then go and do what is in your heart to do that you have always been holding back.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

NLP is a great way to quickly change emotions that affect your life. NLP is non intrusive and very effective. NLP can be utilised for:

Curing phobias:

This includes public speaking, social anxiety, claustrophobia, heights, flying, snakes, spiders, dentists, injections and just about any other irrational fear that you can imagine.

Stress reduction:

NLP can quickly get to the heart of stress and either shift it along or diminish it considerably.

Urges and cravings:

Are you crazy about crisps or have to finish a packet of biscuits. Then we can turn you off your food craving.


Do you feel flat or low in motivation and confidence then NLP can change your feelings into something far more positive. If you would rather have the energy and drive of an athlete then we can do that for you.

Sports excellence:

If you struggle to lower your golfing handicap or cannot seem to improve your running time. NLP can help with a few quick and easy steps we can improve your sporting abilities.


Hypnosis is widely used to help your mind and body on a sub conscious level. Hypnotherapy always feels nice and relaxing and in this relaxed state your mind can be influenced to change for the better. Hypnosis can change you the way you want to be changed And leave you feeling calm and relaxed:

Smoking Cessation:

If we cannot get you to stop smoking in one session we will give you another session for free. Forget patches and electronic cigarettes. Change the addiction from the very route of the problem.

Weight loss:

Drastic measures are called upon to lose weight in an ever conscious and healthy society. This is easier said than done. There are many diets that don't seem to work and extreme surgical procedures that can be extremely risky. Hypnosis can change eating habits and fullness from within and has proven to be extremely successful in helping people to lose either a few stone or more than half their original weight.

Nail biting/ Blushing and other embarrassing body reactions:

Does your body react in unexpected and obvious ways. Then hypnosis can gently remove the option of these occurring in the future.